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Transcription Services

Legal Transcription

Law firms, barristers, partnerships, consultants, sole practitioners, IT and precedent development offices


Single and multiple voice dictation, court hearings, contracts, agreements, wills, affidavits, memos, chronologies, briefs, due diligence reports, multiple voice interviews / meetings, precedent development, formatting and automation.

Conference Transcription and Media Releases

Banking & finance firms, financial analysts, teleconference companies, journalists, general business, entrepreneurs, authors


Quarterly financial calls, teleconference calls, confidential HR reports, seminars, presentations, Q and A, podcasts, financial analysis reports and interviews, media releases, social histories, manuscripts.

Investigative Interview Transcription

Insurance companies and assessors, private investigators and members of the Police Force


Verbatim investigative one-to-one and multiple participant interviews, factual investigation transcripts, Police interviews, insurance and workplace investigation reports.

Market Research Transcription

Marketing and advertising professionals, academia, scientists


One-to-one and multiple participant research interviews, focus groups, qualitative and quantitative research transcripts, NVivo compatible transcripts, telephone interviews and surveys.

Specialist Transcription

Our Clients

Using Our Transcribing Service

To get started, use our online Transcription Registration Form to obtain your login and password to your private client SSL secured directory. Login and upload your audio specifying your turnaround time and any other instructions and let us take care of your project. Monitor the progress of your work at any time from any PC from within your private directory.

Benefits to you and your bottom line:

Fast, accurate and reliable transcription received on time, every time

No surcharge for transcription services completed out of normal business hours, weekends or public holidays

Large government or academic research transcription projects can be easily budgeted for up front to enable grant applications to run to budget

Free up your PA’s time to help with more administrative and fee-earning work, Eliminate the high cost of temps and agency fees

Reduce your dependency on pool typists and/or floaters for overflow transcription services

Cut the costs associated with the turnover of staff

Only pay for the audio transcription you send – there are no fixed costs or retainers during quiet periods

No holiday pay, sick leave or building/leasing overhead costs

Reduce the cost of software licences – the software is our responsibility, No monthly or minimum fees and no contract

Increase the number of fee earners without the need to increase the number of secretaries or word processing operators