Specialist Formatting of Transcripts

Our transcriptionists adhere to strict formatting requirements, which include highlighted text references to:

  • Witness events (swearing in, withdrawing)
  • Stages of examination (examination-in-chief, cross-examination, re-examination etc)
  • Exhibits and MFIs

A running reference to each part of the stages of examination process is placed in the footer of the document for ease of reference for our clients and each page is provided with line numbers (to the left hand side of the margin). Court transcripts are provided in verbatim transcription format for Courts.


Court hearing transcription recordings – digital formats

Digital Transcripts transcribes pre-recorded court hearings, tribunals and arbitrations recorded in digital format (including For The Record (FTR)) and adheres to the various styles and transcription formatting rules provided by the Courts.

Examples of courts and tribunals we transcribe for law firms and other interested parties:

  • Federal, Supreme, County, Magistrates Courts
  • VCAT
  • Migration Review Tribunal


Civil Matters – Victorian Courts – obtaining a recording

Transcripts of recordings of civil matters can be provided by Digital Transcripts. If you require a recording of a civil proceeding in the Federal, Supreme, County or Magistrates Courts, please contact the Presiding Officer’s associate/clerk and request permission to obtain a copy of the recording. The copy of the recording can then be uploaded to our server and transcribed by our team of experienced court transcriptionists.