Transcription Services Australia

Based in Melbourne Australia, Digital Transcripts provides transcription and typing services for businesses, solicitors, universities, government, the Police Force and many other organisations. As you may already know, many companies that offer online transcription services and secretarial services outside of Australia have difficulty understanding our Australian accents and the transcripts produced need to be edited to the point where you may as well have done them yourself. We know this can be frustrating for busy professionals and frankly, it’s just not smart business, as the initial cost savings from outsourcing to other countries does not prove fruitful at the end of the day.

Being located in Melbourne, the multicultural capital of Australia, and using native speakers from Australia, Digital Transcripts can easily accommodate for all derivatives of the Australian accent.

Typists and proof-readers are carefully selected for their expertise and are subject to rigorous testing and further training to provide what we believe is the best transcription service in Australia.

Thanks to advanced technology and the now globalised commercial world, our typists and quality control staff are scattered throughout Australia -from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania and Darwin and keep up to date with current affairs and attend ongoing training on a regular basis within each area of expertise to share and develop our large and growing knowledge bank. Typists must achieve 99% accuracy in their typing test, 100% accuracy in the grammar and spelling tests and possess a demonstrated advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite together with various internet research methodologies.

Our typists are trained in verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcription (removing false starts, ums and ahs) and will adapt your project to whichever method you choose.

Next time you have a need for outsourcing your transcription, think Australian, check our upfront rates, and then fill in our Transcription Registration Form to set up your account with us. I am sure you’ll be happy with our rates and our professional service.