About Us

Our People

Our experienced Australian transcriptionists and proof-readers meet rigorous standards for quality, accuracy and expertise – notably in the legal and financial fields, for which we have become renowned. Having a readily available staff of expert typists ensures that whatever the volume of work, there are always enough typists to meet demand.

Digital Transcripts pride themselves not only on the speed and accuracy of their transcriptions, but also our specialist knowledge of legal and financial terminology. The transcription process is closely monitored and proofread by the company’s experienced quality control staff and clients can monitor the process via our web-based transcription workflow system. All work is treated as confidential and staff are required to sign confidentiality agreements.

Our office hours are 9.00am until 5.00pm and typing staff work in shifts starting from 6am until 11pm which enables us to guarantee industry-leading turnaround times for your particular requirements. Clients can upload audio to our server 24/7 and there is no surcharge for work done on public holidays or weekends.

If you use Digital Transcripts regularly, you will be allocated the same transcriptionist/s, thus repetitive terminology such as legal court headings, frequently used names and specific industry related terminology need only be provided/dictated once as you would to your own PA.

Our Vision

Digital Transcripts' vision is to provide superior service to its clients, with transcripts that easily stand out from the rest without a hefty price tag and with a transparent workflow system where the client can monitor the process every step of the way from any computer anywhere in the world.

Our Guarantee

Clients can expect a superior product and a seamless workflow process and we guarantee you will not find another transcription company with our professionalism and work ethic - put simply, we love what we do.

Australian typists

Typists and proof-readers are carefully selected for their expertise and are subject to rigorous testing and further training to provide what we believe is the best transcription service in Australia.

Our typists and quality control staff keep up to date with current affairs and attend ongoing training on a regular basis within each area of expertise to share and develop our large and growing knowledge bank. Typists must achieve 99% accuracy in their typing test, 100% accuracy in the grammar and spelling tests and possess a demonstrated advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite together with various internet research methodologies.

Our typists are trained in verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcription (removing false starts, ums and ahs) and will adapt your project to whichever method you choose.