Focus Group Transcription

Focus Group transcription can be provided for medical professionals, market research companies, legal and property professionals and university students.

Focus groups are typically a group of people discussing an issue or issues, the responses are recorded and a transcript is produced for analysis.

Our transcripts will identify who is speaking by inserting their initials down the left hand side each time they speak. If you do not need the speakers identified, please let us know as this will reduce the cost markedly.

Types of focus group transcription include:

  • Roundtable discussion transcription
  • Focus group discussion transcription
  • Meeting transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • Group discussion transcription
  • Brainstorming session transcription
  • Strategic planning session transcription
  • Surveys and market research transcription


Recording tips for large groups

You will benefit from purchasing recorders specifically designed to record conferences/focus groups. Participants should try and maintain a quiet atmosphere. Introducing yourself when you speak will be of benefit to the transcript. Participants should be provided with a microphone in order that their speech is clearly heard and easily transcribed. Participants should turn off their mobile phones to avoid picking up unwanted signals by the microphone.

We recommend that you record in digital format as these files can be uploaded directly to Digital Transcripts’ web-based SSL encrypted workflow system. Digital recorders that are specifically designed for conferences are the appropriate equipment to choose. Focus Group transcription will usually require intelligent verbatim transcription (removing false starts, ums and aahs) however, we will discuss your unique requirements with you.