Private Investigator and Insurance Transcription Services

Digital Transcripts provide verbatim transcription services to private investigators, insurance investigators, workplace investigators and members of the Police Force. The accuracy of the transcribed statements we provide these industries is second to none. Our transcripts are relied upon time and again during the investigation process.

Workers’ compensation, criminal defence and insurance claim transcripts

Private investigators are often hired to conduct workers’ compensation interviews, criminal defence interviews and insurance claim interviews. They are expertly trained in conducting these interviews and are skilful in extracting the information needed from the interviewees. It is therefore important to get an absolutely accurate record of these interviews.

Digital Transcripts provides two types of verbatim transcripts for record of interviews (ROI). Verbatim for conversational analysis ROI is transcribing every single word and utterance in the recording, including all false starts, ums, ahs, non-verbal noises, as well as symbols denoting pauses and lapses in time. Intelligent Verbatim ROI includes every single word spoken, but leaving out the false starts, ums, ahs, etc.

Upload recorded statements to our servers ‘on the fly’ whilst conducting investigations

Professionals in this industry also conduct many interviews relating to car accidents, car theft, workers’ compensation or home insurance claims. These interviews are often completed over the telephone and recorded digitally. The digital telephone interviews are then easily uploaded to our servers and the completed transcripts will be returned within 24 hours from upload (you can vary the turnaround to exactly what you require).

Many insurance professionals will need to make a site visit and are sometimes required to take several witness statements often spending the entire day or more taking recorded statements. Instead of waiting until they head back to the office, they can upload each recorded statement ‘on the fly’ from their laptop or iPhone to Digital Transcripts’ secure servers during their site visit, knowing their transcripts will not be delayed. Again, an absolutely accurate transcript is vital and we understand this.


HR and Workplace Investigation Transcription

When there is the necessity for a workplace investigation a professional independent workplace investigator, together with a specialist transcription firm is often hired to ensure an unbiased investigation process and procedural fairness.

Outsourcing your HR and Workplace Investigation interview transcription ensures the privacy of the participants involved in the investigation process. Many large firms are now outsourcing the transcription of this sensitive information with independent transcription agencies to prevent personal information being exchanged by periphery employees which would have a compounding effect on already damaged workplace relationships thereby fuelling a toxic work environment.

Using Digital Transcripts as a partner in this process will enable procedural fairness together with the seamless flow of SSL encrypted recorded interview upload, to download of verbatim transcripts, all protected in the client’s private password-protected directory.


End to end protection using 128 bit SSL encryption

The Digital Transcripts web portal allows the flow of digital files from uploading audio, to the transcription process and download of documents, via SSL 128 bit encryption together with password protected client directories. The client can set their own password which is not stored by Digital Transcripts. The whole process is protected end to end.


Using our Transcription Service

To get started, use our online Transcription Registration Form to obtain your login and password to your private client SSL secured directory. Login and upload your audio specifying your turnaround time and any other instructions and let us take care of your project. Monitor the progress of your work at any time from any PC from within your private directory.