Academic Research Transcription Services

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Digital Transcripts provides accurate and professionally-transcribed research transcription to a growing community of students, professors, researchers and authors in Australia and the global academic community. Our research transcription services include high-quality transcription of academic interviews, lectures, seminars, dissertations and theses. We also provide services for academic presentations, essays, white papers, journal articles and speeches.

At Digital Transcripts, we can provide transcription services for files in any digital audio format. We will be guided by your instructions regarding specialist styles that adhere to your individual institution’s guidelines and we will return the audio content to you as well-written, accurate and high-quality word documents with attention given to any formatting and style specifications.

Send us the files to be transcribed in any digital audio format and we will return the transcribed documents to you within your nominated turnaround time and to your exacting specifications.

Academic Research Transcription Services include:

Our expertise in Research Transcription

We have expertise on all standard transcription software currently in use for academic interview transcription. Software used by us includes Express Scribe digital audio transcription software, our state of the art transcription workflow system, together with the ability to format our documents using correct style application for use in the NVivo software platform, which can then be imported into your program for accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Benefits of working with Digital Transcripts for your Research Transcription