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interview transcription

Interview transcription services for universities, research institutions, government, the Police Force, solicitors, private investigators, HR companies, throughout Australia. Digital Transcripts is one of the top interview transcription service companies online today. We have completed countless interview transcriptions for many companies and individuals in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

We can assure the accuracy and speedy completion of our work because we staff only highly trained and qualified typists who have a passion for their work. Our team of transcriptionists can save you time and money by taking care of any and all of your interview transcription service needs while ensuring your information is held in strict confidentiality. Our typists sign confidentiality agreements and understand some work can be highly sensitive material. In fact, we have found that especially with highly sensitive material, companies prefer to outsource this type of work, rather than have it completed in-house.

We believe, due to our many years of experience, we are the obvious choice for anyone in need of any type of interview transcription services. Our work is highly accurate, with trained specialists who deal with difficult audio, such as low quality audio, thick foreign accents, many participants - whatever your requirements, we will provide you with an accurate record of your interview.

Different Formats of Interviews we Transcribe

Check our competitive upfront rates, and then register with us for your private SSL secured client account.  It is that simple!   We think you will be pleasantly surprised at our very competitive rates for our reliable, accurate and secure transcription service.

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