Transcription Services - Turnaround & Rates

transcription rates

Reduce your transcription costs!

Digital transcripts charge by the audio minute, which means you know the cost of your transcription before you commence your project, thus large government or academic research transcription projects can be easily budgeted for up front to enable grant applications to run to budget.

Rates for our transcription services are based on turnaround time (TAT) and the number voices to be transcribed. For our same day typing service, dictation/audio recordings need to be uploaded by 11am, up to 60 mins per client.  For a larger volume of transcription to be delivered within 12 hours, please schedule with us first giving 24 hours notice, otherwise use longer turnaround rates.

Audio considerations

A surcharge of $0.20 per minute is added to the quoted rates should the audio include:

  • speakers with heavy accents
  • foreground or background noise and/or muffled voices
  • the addition of timestamps at regular intervals
  • focus groups, meetings or conference calls of more than 8 participants

Your prior approval will be requested of the amended rate before any work commences should these conditions apply to your transcription request after audio analysis.

transcription rates

For verbatim interviews, just add $0.20 to each base price for the turnaround applicable.

All legal, financial, medical and basic scientific terminology and any Google research is covered in the basic rates quoted - there is no extra charge for difficult terminology, our typists are proficient transcriptionists with many years experience.

Get Started

To get started, either call us, email or use our online Transcription Registration Form to set up your account with us. A welcome email will be delivered, covering all the rates we offer, together with a snapshot of the services we provide and an account set up form for you to fill out and return to us, to obtain your login and password to your private client SSL secured directory. You can then login and upload your audio specifying your turnaround time and any other instructions and let us take care of your project. Monitor the progress of your work at any time from any PC from within your private directory.

Payment terms

On completion and delivery of your transcription, an invoice will be sent. Payment is required within 10 days by EFT (preferred) or Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa).

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